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Timeshare Transfers Made Easy

Many transfer companies want to come to your house, meet at a hotel or attend a presentation. With RTIDirect, we have simplified the process and made it convenient for you. 100% online, 100% transparent. And if you have questions, you can reach us Toll Free, Live Chat or Email. Low prices, Professional Service, Transparent Process...... RTIDirect.

BBB Accredited

While the BBB ranks many companies, few are actually accredited. Contrary to popular belief, accreditation does not guarantee an A rating. Actually, accreditation gives the BBB more access to information about the company so they can give a more accurate rating. To find out more about BBB accreditation, click here and see what makes us special!


Unlike other companies who have made it their business to attack the timeshare industry, Resort Transfers International has spent the last seven years developing positive relationships with developers to help ensure seamless transfers. Large HOAs, developers and regionals such as Inn Season Resorts work with Resort Transfers International.. This is just one more reason to trust Resort Transfers International with your timeshare transfer.


One of the main reasons for consumer dissatisfaction with their vacation membership or timeshare is “inability to use”. The truth of the matter is that many of us fail to “read the directions” on many of the things that we buy. It took me 4 months to figure out that my phone had 100 spots for speed dial, and even longer to realize that talk to text actually worked. When you go to purchase a timeshare, you are at a “sales presentation”. And that is exactly what it is. Your representative is there to tell you the key points and highlights of timeshare, travel club and right to use ownership. It is really no different than going to your local Best Buy and finding out about the new flat screen television. But in order to maximize our experience with our new TV (or timeshare), we need to read the directions. Almost every timeshare company, travel club, HOA or resort developer has staff that are more than willing to answer your questions and help you get the most out of your ownership. Before transferring or selling your timeshare, you should ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I still plan on traveling?
  2. Does my timeshare suit my travel needs?
  3. Do I know everything about exchanging, booking, banking and my benefits as an owner?
  4. Have I exhausted all resources to see if selling/transferring is a good decision?

Many people have found that there is more to their timeshare or vacation ownership plan than they originally thought. By doing a little bit of homework, they have found that they have a renewed interest in their ownership and feel the excitement they felt on the presentation that led them to ownership. 

We are providing you with a set of links to many different timeshare resorts, vacation club and HOA websites so that you can determine if continued ownership is right for you. You may be surprised at what you find!


Top Story!

Many RTI clients ask us the question: "Why are the RTI fees so much less than other companies?". The answer is simple: With Resort Transfers International, there are no middle men. Most "transfer companies" call you, send you a postcard or email you. Then they set up appointments near or at your place of residence. They pay to get your information, pay to travel, pay for lodging, pay for rental cars, pay for hotels, pay for dinners, etc.  So essentially, you are paying for ALL of those things. With RTIDirect, you are paying for your transfer. Our pricing structure is simple. $595.00 + the resort transfer fee charged by your resort for all domestic timeshare units and points packages. If you are looking to transfer your timeshare with an A+ rated, licensed company, at the lowest price. Look no further. You have found your answer. 

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