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International Timeshares

While domestic timeshare transfers can sometimes be difficult, international ownership can pose a much greater set of challenges. Laws regarding timeshare, right to use, points programs and real estate ownership can be blurred and hard to decipher. And if that wasn't enough, in many cases there is a language barrier and this can result in misinterpretation of the rules and laws that govern ownership. And while this may create certain difficulties, it can also act in favor of the owner. The one thing that is common with almost all ownership laws and rules is that it is critical that the owner understood what he/she was purchasing. To navigate these waters, you need a company with experience. You can contact an attorney, and for a sizable retainer, hope that they know about timeshare law, or you can speak with us. Our large network of industry professionals can help you on the right path to relinquishment of your international timeshare ownership.

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