Frequently Asked Timeshare Transfer Questions

Can I really get out of my timeshare obligation?

Yes. Resort Transfers International uses a variety of means to transfer your vacation ownership obligation. We have an established network of timeshare brokers, relationships with developers and our own internal marketing company to find a new, maintenance fee paying owner to absolve you from your ownership liabilities forever.

How long does it take?

As you may have already tried to sell or transfer your timeshare, it’s likely that you already know this can be a time consuming process. While some of the higher demand units can be moved within weeks, while others can take significantly more time. Your resort or association's cooperation in the transfer process can certainly affect the timeframe. You should ask your assigned RTI representative about your individual property and week.

My representative told me that there were no additional fees.  Is this accurate?

Generally speaking, yes. However, as per the terms and conditions of the agreement, we do require that you keep all fees current for 180 days after sending RTI all required documentation. These documents are conveniently located at under the “Documents” tab. Our receiving department will give you full instructions on what documents we require to facilitate your timeshare transfer.

Why have we never heard of RTI Direct?

Over the last 7 years, our holding company, Resort Transfers International did not advertise. RTI worked with timeshare developers, travel clubs and 3rd parties, we were the company they used. Being a business to business model we didn't have to advertise. In September 2017, we felt it best to offer our services directly to the public so that RTI and our business was properly represented to consumers.

To date, we still do not operate a sales phone room, do group presentations or "house sits". By eliminating the need for extravagant advertising and marketing tactics, high pressure face to face presentations and salespeople, we are able to offer our clients a low fee for the best service. We employ zero salespeople.  We value our relationships with other industry professionals and are committed to a business model that benefits the industry and the owners mutually.

I have more than one deed or points package. Is there an additional fee for the extra deed/agreement?

Yes. Each property is treated as a single transfer. In some cases, the developer may have packaged more than one unit/package into one document, but you should always assume that there is more than one if you do not know. This eliminates surprises. Ask our receiving department to find out the correct information to ensure that there are no delays due to error.

Are you “buying” my timeshare?

No. We do not buy timeshare. We a the transfer company that acts to facilitate transfers to a new owner. In certain circumstances, we may deed a unit to our holding company for use by one of our providers, but we do not deed property to Resort Transfers International.

I made reservations to use my week/points this year.  Is this a problem?

As stated on the trade request form, unavailability of current year’s usage will result in the original owner being liable for the following year’s maintenance fees. This also applies to any reserved usage for the following year, banked points, etc. Usage must be available. Under certain circumstances we may waive this requirement. Ask your representative.

I pay my maintenance fees monthly.  How long do I have to continue paying?

As per the trade request form, owner will be responsible for maintenance fees for up to 180 days from the time all required documentation is received. In the case of monthly payments, if your 180 days falls past the time your ANNUAL maintenance fee bill comes due, i.e., Jan 1st, Nov. 15th, etc., you will be liable for the full year’s maintenance fees.

What happens if Resort Transfers International cannot transfer my timeshare?

While we do everything we can to offer a hassle-free experience during the course of the transfer, there are times when HOA’s, Developers and other 3rd parties create difficulty during the transfer process. Missing documents, lack of client cooperation and miscommunication are also common reasons for non-completion. In cases such as this, that are out of the control of Resort Transfers International, we reserve the right to cancel the transfer and refund 100% of any fee paid towards the transfer process. Maintenance fees are non-refundable. In the case of non-compliance by the owner, Resort Transfers International reserves the right to cancel the transfer with no refund.

My resort has a special assessment coming due.  Do I need to pay that?

While we may transfer your property prior to the special assessment coming due, these assessments make it more difficult for us to find a third party who is willing to take on the liability. You should assume that you will need to pay any special assessment that comes due. In many circumstances, developers notify clients months in advance of “PLANNED SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS”. You MUST notify Resort Transfers International of any planned special assessments that you are aware of, or if you receive notification after the process has begun. Failure to notify RTI of planned or existing special assessments will result in cancellation of our agreement.


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